Elder Statesmen: A Scam?

So who is an elder statesman? For me I didn’t have to go the dictionary the first time I encountered the phrase, it was used in a footballing context by my big bro one day in 1999 when he referred to Sir Bobby Robson as an elder statesman in football. Bobby Robson was old obviously and had experience in the sport as a coach or manager so the meaning wasn’t far fetched.
Now to bring it home, many are referred to as elder statesmen in this country but if you asked me they aren’t worthy of that tag. A country that has been free since 1960 from colonialism is still basking on the tag of a developing country after 16 leaders or presidents or what have you.
My problem is when these so called elder statesmen come out to speak or grant interviews on topical issues in which they failed at with much confidence. They are the cause of these problems, they watched it grow and manifest into thrash and they now have the solutions in their twilight years? They have to be kidding me.
This short post emanated from a video a friend sent to me 2 days ago. It was an old man whom must be in his late 70s or early 80s enumerating the problems of Nigeria and proffering solutions.


  1. Would have loved to see the video that angered you so much. We exaggerate things as well as titles in this part of the world, that’s why our MON doesn’t hold much value elsewhere.


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