Drinking, Smoking and Ladies.


Ladies and Gentlemen (drum roll)………
Today, we delve into the spheres of the booze….the haze and the fabulous configuration of the female gender (in which the Good LORD decided to adorn the Earth with).
Victor was seen drinking from a bottle of Chelsea dry gin as early as 6am on a Saturday morning and Seun was like haba early this morning? Victor’s response was so shocking but objectively it was true. Victor said where has it been written that you shouldn’t take alcohol in the mornings. Call me crazy but Victor was right. I can’t say drinking is good or bad and I have always looked out for prescription instructions on every alcoholic beverage bottle I see. Well except the locally made alcohol (sepe) which isn’t regulated by NAFDAC. I didn’t find any instruction saying drink alcohol in the morning, afternoon or at night. Victor may have a point but please drink responsibly.
Smoking is something I have tried, but it didn’t work for me (Thank GOD for my life). Back in Uni, I lived in a hall with about 15 other guys and I was the only one who never smoked amongst these great fellas. Trust me I know what you thinking; it’s not possible for me not to have smoked shey? Strange but true. People hardly believed me, and the best I heard was I am a passive smoker. What’s the difference between drinking and smoking? Well I see no difference between smoking and a drinking. They are both dangerous to our health as it is generally believed. While some people think drinking is better, I am of the opinion that what is bad is BAD. I am not saying people that drink or smoke are bad though.
Women? …Haaaa… Don’t get me started
Well that’s something else. I like woman I no go lie. Even as I am dating a hottie, I still stop and stare at chics, abeg its normal jor, though in my C.R.K (Christian Religious Knowledge) class back in high school we were told ogling at a lady is fornication. Is it avoidable not to stare at the near perfect formation of Our Father’s work? (I digress).
 My born again friend (married) was driving home from work one day, he saw this stunningly beautiful lady and he kept looking at this woman to a point that she felt uncomfortable. After a while, he asked GOD for forgiveness and said to himself I have a beautiful wife at home, so why am I doing this? I am not justifying the reason for staring at a lady, I am just saying some things are rather difficult (or we guys MAY just be appreciating those masterpieces).
GOD help us all.


  1. Loolllsss….good piece.I no go lie,I do virtually and if U judge me by that the you are wrong becos there is not just a drop of greatness in me,I’m made of it…. Anyways,its another friday fellas,catch the vibe and get the feeling… TGIF

  2. Bro abt the ladies u rite am dating a hot girl as well but when i see another outside I still admire but bro one question is does that means the mind is dirty or corrupt. Smoking part yes I did dat as well even though peeps outside believe its a lie dat have not smoked before but i jst think its determination. Drinking hmmm am speechless. Nice write up bro.

  3. Amen! God help ‎​u guys….I find dis piece interesting, all men either drinks,smoke ‎​or ℓike women. My broda,ȋs good to admire fine babes but I beg, look comot eye.

  4. Drinking aint no big deal as long as u don’t get to take a nap in d bath tub or pee in d refridgerator, Let’s drink responsibly. As 4 d smoking, hell no! If vehicles could expel carbonmonoxide and carbon is nt friendly wid generator, y shud I embrace smoking. Admiring a lady is good, prolonged one could strip her and then d unimaginable sets in so stare wisely……..

  5. I agree with you that it’s possible to live amongst smokers and not smoke..It happened to me..about the drinking though,u know where I stand on that.as long as you do it responsibly,its ok.Women!!! Ahh!!!!!

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