Difference Between A Viewing Center & A Cinema


Do I need to explain what a viewing center is? Okay let me do the honors. A viewing center is where we football lovers go to catch a game of footy. It could also be a bar, beer parlour or a lounge (whichever suits you). I sure don’t have to say what a cinema is or do I? Oh men, okay a cinema is where you movie buffs go to whenever you have the urge to watch a movie. A cinema is not in the same realm as a viewing center because a cinema is a cinema but a viewing center like I earlier stated could be a host of places.
I was going to tabularize the difference between the Viewing Center and a Cinema but let me put it out how best I know.

A viewing center no doubt is usually noisy and despite the noise you can still enjoy a game of football. You clearly can’t try that in a cinema (that’s if you don’t get thrown out). Or would you rather allow people disturb you while you are trying to catch a movie? I thought so too. In watching a game of football I don’t need to hear what the commentator(s) is saying, I will still enjoy it but in a cinema you need to hear what the characters are saying real time, why would you wait till after the movie to be gisted by your friend? I digress.

In a Viewing Center trust me you will go home making new friends, exchange numbers and hang out again with these new acquaintances but when you go to the cinema you will rarely say hello to the people you meet there except you know them personally. You get my point? I figured. As a matter of fact I met a vast majority of my friends and I mean both male and female in a Viewing Center (University days) but do people really meet friends at the cinema? I really don’t know. Going to the cinema is majorly dependent on an invite because I have hardly met anyone wanting to go there all alone (remember I is the key word o). Do I need an invite to go to the viewing center to watch my beloved Man Utd? I laugh in Igbo.

Going to the cinema for me is usually character based and probably reviews. For example I won’t go to the cinema to watch a Tom Cruise flick but do you really think I wouldn’t watch a Manchester United game because Wayne Rooney isn’t playing? You gotta be kidding. You saw what I did there? I guessed so too.

Trust me you will enjoy a Viewing Center more than a Cinema. Come on listening to people argue about stats even when they have been given evidence is a trip on its own. Do people argue in the cinema? Hehehe.

Do you now understand the essence of this post? Simply put I will pick football over movies everyday and three times on Sundays. No offense to the movie buffs, but I am the one with the pen. Oya harass the comment box with your views.

I hope the week is panning out well? Glory be to the ALMIGHTY. Thanks and remain BLESSED.

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  1. At the cinema some people make me feel like i am at a viewing center,running their mouth.
    and oh how i wish i could hear what the commentator says at the viewing center,it will definitely broaden my knowledge


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