Day 92 of 365: Football 3 years LATER!


After the trip to Abeokuta with a brief stop at Odogbolu in between I had the rest I had been craving. Very fun ride I must say. I slept off gisting with a colleague.

After waking up I decided to go play football, wrong move Swizz, wrong MOVE. Yes the wine I had en route Abeokuta had worn out after the sleep but my body should have just warned me. I got on to the pitch and to chase the ball whenever I lost it was a problem. I gased out easily and let the lads down. The team lost 3:2 and I missed a golden opportunity to level scores.

I had not kicked a ball since February, 2018 when I made a return to my alma mater Lagos State Model College Igbonla for its 30th anniversary. It was a football match between old students (from 1993 to 2005 set) and the then current school team. The game ended goalless which was a strange result because this same team had beaten us 6:1 the previous year when we visited. And to be honest the lone goal we scored shouldn’t have counted but we MOVE!!!

I need to start playing Saturday or Sunday footy.



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