Day 90 of 365: Psychia


So one evening, I think it was in 2011 a family friend buzzed me so we could hangout. It must have been a Friday night obviously. He came over to pick me and when I asked him where we were headed to he just mumbled somewhere around the area (Yaba). I was a bit worried but he’s family so I doubted he had ulterior motives until we pulled up at the Psychiatric Hospital popularly known as Yaba Left. I felt like biting him but wouldn’t that have justified my being admitted at the facility?

Well I managed to get out of the car and voila the place was a lively one, a joint was actually existent there. While we were downing green and black bottles at the time with catfish one of my friends buzzed me and asked where I was. I started stuttering, how do I explain I was at the Psychiatric Hospital? I eventually fessed up and told him and the silly guy was like Dipo were you admitted. I told him no that there was a joint in the place and he should come over. He came over and saw for himself. He also admitted the catfish pepper soup was very good.

We call the place Psychia and the amount of people that troop into that place on daily cannot be measured despite being situated in a mental home.



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