Day 79 of 365: TJ’s Noodles was SPECIAL!!!


Very few people have had the privilege of making noodles for me and some still do but I usually like to make it myself. I have never experienced the Mai Shai noodles feeling and for someone like me who likes food it is strange. I am always in awe of how these Hausas whip up a meal by the road side.

I however had noodles made by someone outside family and friends back in Uni and I became a fan, not because the noodles was amaze balls but because the young man who made them was able to add a customer attraction/retention venture to his noodles business.

TJ was about 16 years old at the time and could not raise his school fees so he decided to start making noodles for sale to students and indigenes alike. He had a table tennis set by the side so as he was making noodles for customers they could entertain themselves by playing table tennis on the side. Well played by the young man as his stand was always full at night. He was able to go to school by day and handle his business from evenings.

I ate TJ’s noodles almost every night, it was truly special and even though table tennis wasn’t amongst my top 10 sports, I played it. I don’t like noodles and fried eggs so TJ took his time to specially make boiled eggs for me.

TJ was/is a great guy.



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