Day 77 of 365: Timini/Samson


It is always shocking to my friends some of the things I like. A close friend was upset with me few weeks ago when we were gisting over drinks at my crib. I told him I will rather watch My Siblings and I and Jenifa’s diary instead of Game of Thrones. He was shocked, he was even about to leave in anger.

I just said the truth, to begin with I am not a fan of those kind of epic series or movies and the best I have done in this regard was watch Troy and a part of Braveheart. Robin Hood (King of Thieves ) which starred Kevin Costner is one I saw too if it counts, not forgetting 3 Musketeers that had Charlie Sheen in it. Are these epic? I want to believe so.

Anyway I watch Jenifa’s Diary and My Siblings and I (currently shown on weekdays on cable) whenever I can and its all because of Tobi Makinde who plays Timini and Samson in both series respectively. I can’t explain why I like the guy but I think he’s going to be a great actor. You read it here first.

Don’t get me wrong, these are not my favourite  Nigerian Series as I would pick My Flatmates ahead of them all day everyday and 3 times on Sundays.



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