Day 73 of 365: Whether Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday, I Miss You MUM!!!


It’s been almost 10 years now that you have been away and it feels like yesterday. I appreciate you even in death and not a single¬† day goes by without me muttering your name.

I still miss your spaghetti, though your girls whip up something very close, I still have the 6 Manchester United jerseys you got me stashed in a box, not all fit but the memories remain strong. I shed a tear few weeks ago watching still videos of your funeral.

I miss the opportunity to chant Jugold (Omowunmi Jugold Lo,  what your boys called you) again and again whenever I was around you. I remember you everytime I see a toothbrush as you were big on us brushing our teeth well, nobody would have expected less from a Dental Therapist.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday up there. Your baby boy misses you a great deal my darling mum, brother, friend as a matter of fact my all in one card. I can only hope you are resting in the bosom of the LORD.

Sun re o, iya rare…….



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