Day 68 of 365: 5 Reasons why you should watch Entourage (The Movie)


Entourage was first made as an 8 season series and I have seen the series 5 times already and I mean all 8 seasons though season 3 was my least favourite of the lot but hey I ain’t complaining.

A certain Mark Kermode criticized the movie but like he said he saw the movie for 15 secs and he hated it. How do you judge a movie that way? How do you loathe a movie you haven’t seen or how do you feel contempt after watching a movie for 15 seconds? He probably had beef with the producers of the movie. Well Mr. Kermode your opinion doesn’t really count and besides the movie got a 6.6/10 IMDB rating not bad for a movie with a $39m budget.

Entourage is the story of the rise to fame of popular actor Mark Wahlberg, who also played about a minute long cameo in the movie and was also in a few scenes of the series. Entourage is about movie star Vinnie Chase and his childhood friends (Eric who’s also his manager ,Turtle and his brother Johny Drama) living the Hollywood life of fast cars and chasing hot girls/models. My favourite character is Ari Gold, the former actor agent turned Studio head. Ari is a wonderful actor and he took his role like his life depended on it. You will see the passion in every scene he appeared in.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see the movie and if you haven’t seen the series please look for it and watch it #ThankMeLater :

1. The movie got a 6.6/10 rating from The Internet Movies Database (IMDb) platform so it’s clearly above average

2. The bond these four friends shared for me was amazing, it was beyond brotherly love. Its something one can learn from

3.  About 50 cameos and wait for it………… Arsenal fans would love to know Thierry Henry is a part of that list. The great Warren Buffet was surprisingly in the movie and I loved his scene where he was conversing with Ari Gold.

4. Johny Drama finally got a deserved recognition (if you watched the series you will get me)

5. The dialogue is GREAT



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