Day 67 of 365: My favourite Web Series (Past & Present)


The first Web Series I stumbled on was Skinny Girl In Transit (SGIT), in April, 2017. It wasn’t bad and probably the hottest Nigerian Series on the Web at the time. I apparently kept watching because the main character sounded like one of my close friends Fat Child, not that I was really really interested.

I saw more Web Series afterwards and some recently that I would love to share. What might be past to me might be present to you and vice versa.


1. Inspector K
2. This is it
3. Corper Shun
4. Rumour Has it
5. Our Best Friend’s Wedding
6. Gidi Up
7. Man of her Dreams

9. Lagos Big Boy

10. Life as it is


1. Men’s Club
2. Papa Benji
3. Game On
4. Grow Up or Nuts
5. Little Black Book
6. Ratings
7. My name is A-Zed
8. Phases
9. Ricordi

Papa Benji is just a sick one, I am a big fan of Buchi (Papa Solo) from My Flatmates. Inspector K is another one I can watch over and over. I think my all time favourite past or present is Inspector K but Grow Up or Nuts has the best Theme Song for me.

You should watch them when you can.



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