Day 66 of 365: 43 games after but this is BEST!!!

Source: Sky Sports
For over 3 seasons now I have been trying my best to watch all Manchester United games without missing any but it has been hard. 3 seasons ago I missed 4, 2 seasons ago it was 2 and last season it was just one game I missed.

So far this season I haven’t missed any of the the 43 games played so far. All 28 League games, 4 League Cup ties , 6 Champions League games, 3 FA Cup matches and 2 Europa League games have been watched by yours truly. Europa League games are not shown on the popular Cable Television. I must confess it is always hard and boring streaming the Europa league games because it buffers and always a few seconds slow. One of the prices you pay as a fan I guess.

The Wolverhampton Wanderers game which was played on my birthday (December 29, 2020) and a period which I was very ill was difficult to watch but I still managed to lock in 45 minutes of the game, the most important 45 minutes at that because it was within that period the lone goal which gifted United the win over Wolves was scored.

I had predicted a Manchester City annihilation of Manchester United, a draw or Manchester United narrow win in today’s Manchester Derby. None of these happened and Manchester United apparently shocked me with the victory over their City rivals. 2:0 the game ended in favour of the Red Devils.

Of all 43 games Manchester United have played this season, this is the best. They defended well, bombed forward well and I will look no further than Luke Shaw as my man of the match.

United pegged Manchester City’s consecutive run of wins at 21 games in all competition. RaheemĀ Sterling still hasn’t scored against Man Utd in 18 league attempts and 23 games in all.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the first manager to win 3 straight away derbies with Manchester United.

Glory Glory Man United, Glory Glory Man United, Glory Glory Man United as the Reds go matching on, on , on.



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