Day 62 of 365: My all-time favourite Jay Z songs


My favourite Jay Z aka Shawn Carter aka Hov aka Jigga line is not from my favourite Jay Z song. I also wasn’t a big Jay Z fan until 2003 when he released Black Album. Yeah I had listened to some of his hit singles prior to then but never consciously sat down to listen  to any of his albums except Hardknock Life Volume 2 and The Dynasty: Roc-La-Familia.

His book Decoded released in 2010 made me know more about him and essentially led me to download his old albums. Simply put, dude is a MONSTER. You should look for Reasonable Doubt and In My Lifetime, Vol 1, his first two albums if you are a real Rap Head.

I loved this single; Hey Papi where he was like;

“I was the worst, I used to switch chicks everyday/ Had n***as mad for real like, I wished he was gay
Cause they knew sooner or later hun was getting with Jay/ Just a matter of time, she was getting with Jay”

I agree with anyone who says his best body of work was Black Album though.

Below are my all-time favourite Jay Z songs:

21. Things that you do ft Mariah Carrey (Life and Times of Shawn Carter Vol 3)

20. Song Cry (Blueprint)

19. S. Carter ft Amil (Life and Times of S.Carter) 

18. Forever Young ft Mr. Hudson (Life and Times of S.Carter) 

17. Take Over (Blueprint) 

16. Hey Papi ft Memphis Bleek and Amil (Nutty Professor II OST)

15. ’03 Bonnie & Clyde ft Beyonce (Blueprint 2: The Gift)

14. Renegade ft Eminem (Blueprint)

13. I just wanna love you (Dynasty: Roc-La-Familia)

12. La La La, Excuse Me Again (Bad Boys 2 OST)

11.  The Watcher 2 ft Dr. Dre and Rakim)

10. **** all night (Blueprint 2: The Gift)

9. Money, Cash, Hoes ft DMX (Hardknock Life Vol 2)

8. Stick to the Script ft Beanie Siegel (Dynasty: Roc-La-Familia)

7. Holy Grail ft Justin Timberlake (Magna Carta Holy Grail)

6. Get your mind right mami ft Memphis Bleeding & Snoop Dogg (Dynasty: Roc-La-Familia)

5. Lucifer (Black Album) 

4. 99 Problems (Black Album)

3. Dirt of your Shoulder (Black Album)

2. Roc Boys (American Gangster)

  1. Numb/Encore with Linkin Park (Collision Course EP) 

It was hard limiting my favourite Jay Z songs to 10 so I had to give you 21 since we are in 2021.



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