Day 57 of 365: I envied most of my classmates


So all through Primary and Secondary School I always envied most of classmates and it was just for one reason. Not because some of them were more brilliant or better at sports or what have you.

My time in Primary School, people celebrated their birthdays, dressed in nice or beautiful clothes and shared cake and party packs. In Secondary School there probably were a little number of celebrations but birthdays were acknowledged either by beating the celebrant, pouring loads of water on them, making garri cake and if they were lucky their folks came visiting with food, drinks and gifts.

Not that my folks didn’t want me to enjoy all of these, I was just born on the 29th of December. It never occurred when School was in session. I mean what Primary or Secondary would be in session then? Even Universities would be on break because it was just a few days after Christmas.

I love that I was born in DECEMBER.



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