Day 51 of 365: I missed out on Aston University by WHISKERS!!!


One of my brothers raised the issue of going to do my Masters in the UK when I was wrapping up my NYSC. After graduating with a BSc in Transport Planning and Management, I did a program which earned me a Certificate in International Trade and Logistics so it was only fair to do something similar or close for my Masters.

I had 2 options to school at and they were Cardiff University in Wales to study Sustainable Supply Chain Management or Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland to study Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. The latter was always the best choice as one of my brothers studied there and was living there at the time.

Then one day I was surfing the net when Aston University in Birmingham popped up. I was seriously praying for the school to offer my course of choice as I was browsing through. Yes they did, it was tagged Supply Chain Management at their end. I applied for it.

Weeks later, I got a mail from Aston University telling me that I didn’t make the cut. I slightly missed out as they already had the required quota of 24 students for admission, I was the 25th person according to the email. Maybe they just told me I was the 25th person just to make me feel a little better, lol. Proud people, it was quite painful to be honest.

The reason why I wanted to go Aston was because it was home to one of my favourite football clubs (Aston Villa). I eventually went to Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.



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