Day 50 of 365: The Convo with Gee Law


Whenever Gee Law and I get the chance to talk we usually catch up on whatever we must have missed in our lives. There was always something to talk about, an enduring friendship I must add spanning close to 30 years.

Sundays after church years back was for hanging out at Sweet Sensation (SS) to have burgers and drinks (he is a teetotaller). SS used to have the best burger back then if you asked me or maybe it was Mr. Biggs or Wilson’s. Anyway SS was the preferred spot because it was close to his church and closed to where I stayed. Yeah I sometimes went to Fountain of Life in Ilupeju just because I wanted to see my bro.

We played PS 3 (Now PS 4 and 5 soon I guess) together and he also loved playing with my big bro. Great guy I must say, very dependable and reliable.

So we were having a conversation yesterday and he was like I looked sharp in my display picture. I was wearing a suit in the pic but that’s my least favourite attire, so I told him I didn’t really like it and he was like Dipo you have always been weird.

I asked how and he was like I hardly liked what people liked and that I liked strange things. He went on to say how can I not like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. I laughed but what pained me was he said you don’t like Liverpool too, I nearly lost it. I mean I can take anything but why would I want to like Liverpool. He was obviously joking with the Liverpool bit, lol. I just laugh everytime I remember the conversation.

Yeah so I can be weird, people call me weird because I don’t like Pounded Yam, epic movies and dressing up in suits to mention a few.

Do you think I am WEIRD?

Tomorrow. CHEERS!!!


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