Day 49 of 365: My Cinema Regrets


I am not a big movie buff and I will rather watch movies based on the characters, even if it’s just one of the characters I like in a flick. I also hardly go to the cinemas, I was dissed for living close to a Cinema and not watching a movie there for over a year.

There are 2 movies I have regrets watching at the cinemas since my 2007 cinema journey. The first one was The Town which had Ben Affleck in it. I obviously saw it because of him, I had been a fan since his role in the Superhero film Daredevil. I saw The Town during my Masters in Aberdeen and even though with a student’s ID I got a discount which meant I paid £7 instead of £12 I ended up regretting picking the movie. I went with my sister in law and till today I haven’t asked her if she enjoyed it.

What pained me the most was I slept in between the movie. I have this rule, if I am paying to watch a movie I don’t snooze. This movie was 2 hours long and I also don’t like movies that run that long. I didn’t care if the movie was rated highly by IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes I didn’t like it, period. I regretted watching it.

The other one was The Snowman which featured Michael Fassbender another actor I like. I saw this in London. Now what pained me about this movie was the build up to watching it. It was V.I.P style, spent about £23 on it because it came with finger foods and wine.

I wasted close to 3hrs of my life watching a movie I won’t recommend to anybody. This was at least rated poorly on Rotten Tomatoes to back my claim of it being a horrible movie.

Tomorrow. CHEERS!!!


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