Day 41 of 365: 7 Degrees North


The title of an album also plays a part in if I would be interested in an artist’s music, and these are for artists I am not a fan of or barely listen to. Yes my favs can name their albums thrash I would still listen.

Not that I have listened to up to 500 albums, or have I? Will list them out some day . Lol. King Sunny Ade (KSA) albums were resident in most yoruba homes in the 80s and even till date, this is me speaking for people I know. However, what really made me become a King Sunny Ade fan was the title of the album he released in the year 2000.

He named the album 7 Degrees North, I mean what was the man thinking and the album had 2 of the best KSA songs ever if you asked me; Merciful GOD and Appreciation. Another big plus for the man is he can dance and you wouldn’t know he is in his 70s. His career spans over 40 years.

Stay safe guys. Till TOMORROW!!!


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