Day 356 of 365: What Jay Z said


It was reported that Jay Z said “no one can stand on the stage with him in a Verzuz battle.” He further said “it’s not a chance in hell that anyone can stand on that stage with me.” People who know me know Jay Z is currently my all-time favourite Rapper but we need to objectively look at this statement.

A scan through all top rappers I have listened to (including Olamide, lol) and I find it hard to think of 3 Rappers that can slug it out with the god MC, Jay Z. However, there is one who can stand on the stage with him and he’s called Marshall Marthers aka Eminem. One, you don’t want to beef with Eminem and secondly you don’t want to feature Eminem in a song except you are only looking at it from a commercial angle because he will lyrically kill you on your song.

I think Jay Z will marginally nick a Verzuz battle with Eminem. Jay has more discography, has more skin in the game and has more relatable hits. Dont mind me, I am just chatting rubbish but I will definitely be on Jay-Z’s side.

All of you thinking Drake or Kanye West can step up to Jigga, shelve that thought ASAP.




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