Day 350 of 365: Mum’s Spaghetti


Every human that knows me well know that eba and okro is my favourite meal. Well if you dont know me that well now you know what my favourite food is. Mum made this for lunch for me almost every afternoon and then all of a sudden she stopped but never gave a reason. I think I realised why as I got older.

Mum however made up for stopping the eba and okro routine. She replaced it with spaghetti. The spag had no special recipe but there was something special about it. Apart from the truckloads of Turkey/Beef/Fish she put in it, it was something not just myself looked forward to; the brothers, our cousins and friends were also fans.

I am craving spaghetti as we speak and will probably harass one of the sisters for some. They always come close to getting it right when compared to mumsy’s.

  1. Miss you Omowunmi JugoldLo.



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