Day 348 of 365: I still like Naeto C


I was watching rapper turned actor Ikechukwu’s podcast titled Drinks with Killz on Sunday. I had seen the first episode with M.I which was nice. The second episode which I saw on Sunday was with his long time pal Naeto C aka Super C. I have always loved Naeto and my favourite body of work of his was You know my P. Naeto C probably didn’t coin the phrase ‘Yes Boss’ but he surely made it popular.

Naeto C probably won’t make my top 5 best emcees ever in Naija but I rate him highly. I however had an issue with his performance on the pod if I can say so. He was always peeping at his phone when Ikechukwu was speaking and I am sure the producer or director noticed by trying to take the camera off him at times.

Apart from that, he said a lot of things that made sense and he didn’t care whose ox was gored. I particularly liked how he spoke on the Nas and Jay Z beef even though he sided with Nas (yeah I still think Jay Z’s Take Over was better Nas’ Ether). He however, acknowledged that Take Over was a CLASSIC.



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