Day 347 of 365: What I have LEARNT!!!


The English Premier League will get better and better with regard to the competition on offer. Yes, there will always be parity amongst the 20 teams that participate year in year out. So the favourites will not only need strength in depth to ride the tide but they will also need their special talents to come to the party to win games. Look at Bernardo Silva of Manchester City, he has stepped up in the absence of Kevin De Bruyne. However, cohesion is key.

Manchester United have super talents but they are not title pretenders let alone contenders. No cohesion, no direction but Ralf Rangnick is at the wheel and time will tell if they will end the season well. I am no Octopus but the title race is between Manchester City and Liverpool. Chelsea isn’t a bad side though so don’t rule them out. They have a decent side.

I am not denying that I am a Manchester United fan, my support for the team is an oath so it is till death. I worry for Newcastle as they might get relegated but Aston Villa will be fine. Stevie G is looking like he knows what he is doing and he also does great at Press Conferences.

This is my opinion, nobody cares about Dipo’s opinion. Heck, f**k my opinion.



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