Day 345 of 365: 6 Times!!!


My cousin got married today in Festac. I was worried about the trip I would be embarking on. I heard that zone was notorious for traffic but to my surprise it was smooth sailing. I went with one of my other cousins and we were hoping would be hardly noticed so our exit would be easy. One of my brothers joined us about an hour after we got there.

When my brother came our order for food was taken and we ate. Greeted few family, awwww my aunt Kudi always always reminds me I am family. It was always a peck on both cheeks. 10 minutes after eating someone came to ask us if we had eaten and I said yes. This happened 1,2,3,4,5,6 times, I felt embarrassed. A particular lady kept asking what would you drink, we have Hennessey, JD , Baileys blah blah blah but we maintained that the red wine we started with was fine.

The funny thing was this was about 3 pm, the place was packed so it wasn’t a case of the guests weren’t much hence the constant offer for food. It was good sha, I had fun today. Tomorrow is another wedding day and by the way, the return home was smooth too.



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