Day 343 of 365: On this day in 2010!!!


So on this day in 2010 (December 9, 2 I was messing about on Facebook, talking about a Christmas wishlist. I didn’t know the big bro was watching. I was in Abz for my Masters and most of my peeps that could gift me the stuff I listed were in Nigeria hence me saying I was messing about. The next morning I woke up to a Facebook message from Big Doz.

The message read I have a ticket for you to go watch the Manchester United versus Arsenal game at Old Trafford on Monday night 13th December 2010). Take this as an early Christmas present. I read the mess didn’t didnt make much of it as I thought it was a joke. I responded with LOL. He buzzed again and said he was serious. Aberdeen to Manchester was a trip I would have loved to embark on but I had Operations Management from 6 pm to 9 pm and the 8 pm was 8 pm. It was going to be a hard one.

Turning down a ticket to go watch my all-time favourite sports team has to be the toughest NO I have ever uttered. Manchester United eventually won the game 1:0 thanks to a Ji Sung Park goal. United were champions at the end of the season and by the way, United have never lost a game Big Doz watches live at the stadium. I am talking over 10 games.



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