Day 340 of 365: Sir Lewis!!!



Sir Lewis Hamilton won the first-ever Saudi Grand Prix yesterday and I was so glad. It was chaotic, it was rough but in the end, Hamilton emerged victorious on the night to go level on points with title contender Max Verstappen. With both drivers on 369.5 points, the final race of the season is very key.

Whoever wins in Abu Dhabi on Sunday wins the title. We have a climax to look forward to, in football, we usually say it will go down to the wire. I honestly prayed for Sir Lewis to win yesterday’s race because I am a big fan. If you asked my brothers they’d rather Max won. They were Michael Schumacher fans and would rather not have Lewis Hamilton eclipse Schumacher’s record of 7 World Titles.

If Lewis wins on Sunday then it would be his 8th title and that’s exactly what I want. Max has been a worthy contender and even though a lot of people have issues with his rough driving, I don’t. It even makes it more interesting for me as long as no bodily harm or death occurs. I mean there is a risk of him also losing out.

All the best Sir Lewis Hamilton.



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