Day 331 of 365: MC Swizz


Every MC has its crowd and today I was very comfy with my crowd. Don’t get me wrong I am not an MC but I enjoyed every bit of being with the microphone today. It was my Secondary School’s gig, an Exhibition and a Reunion Party. It was fun all through if I said so myself. I even did Karaoke, lol.

After the gig, it was link up time with my guys from the same Secondary, the guys of my set. Yeah, they were present at the Reunion gig not to forget the ladies that also turned up. Link up with the lads was amazing, we addressed the elephant in the room (Me) and yeah though the convo wasn’t conclusive, a message was passed.

A possible link-up is scheduled for tomorrow but today was a great day by all means. The Reunion and everything that happened afterwards was LIT.



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