Day 329 of 365: The Doomsday Conspiracy



After the Famous Five series I read back in Primary School it was hard for me to pick up a book to read. Reading books was just a chore. I was however bullied into reading a book post-Secondary School by a friend. She just sent it to me through another friend and left a note in between saying I would summarise the book the next time we saw.

The title of the book was The Doomsday Conspiracy written by famous author, Sidney Sheldon. I remember clearly that the book had a red cover and was over 400 pages of small prints. I said to myself I wasnt going to read it. I looked at the book for about a week before gathering the courage to read it. I didnt regret it one bit.

It was a good read and I was hoping a movie would come out of it. I don’t know if it eventually did but I read the book twice and would rate it 8/10. And I didn’t have to summarise it to her, it was just a ploy for me to read it.




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