Day 325 of 365: Ole Out


For me, the worst kept secret in recent times was the sack of Manchester United’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Yeah, it happened today but it was already an option weeks ago. Results were not going his way and 5 losses in 7 league games is a lot. In the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, you lost 5 games and your chances of winning the title go up in smoke.

Was there progress under Ole, to cut him some slack yes there was a tad bit of progress. Did Ronaldo happen to him, again the answer is yes? Not saying Ronaldo is not a nice have, he is but not a must-have. I was glad Ronaldo signed with Manchester United instead of Manchester City to be honest but Ole can lay claim to, despite Ronaldo weighing in with goals the Portuguese was stunting the growth of some of his players and hampering his tactics.

Anyway, Solskjaer was relieved of his duties as United’s manager today officially with his assistant Michael Carrick placed in temporary charge till an interim manager that will lead the team till the end of the season is employed.

All the best Ole.



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