Day 32 of 365: Risky Burger


I didn’t get to eat all day today and en route the house from the office all I could think about was having Risky Burger for dinner. I am guaranteed of being full and not waking up hungry tomorrow.

Oh what is Risky Burger? I don’t know if its origin was from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ago Iwoye, Ogun State but that was where I first had it. Its just suya rolled up in bread like sharwama, little drops of groundnut oil and the suya sauce also garnished with onions and if you like tomatoes like I do it will also blend.

So the bread (Agege Bread) is sliced in the middle to look like an open book, its oiled up with groundnut oil and put on the grill to be heated up for a few minutes while the suya too is also being prepared. The suya is diced along with other condiments and rolled up then wrapped with newspaper and put back on the grill for a bit.

The outcome? Yummy.

I didn’t eventually get to eat it tonight but tomorrow is another day. WE MOVE!!!

Tomorrow. CHEERS!!!


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