Day 318 of 365: What’s my STYLE?


I am not one to experiment much when it comes to fashion or food. When it comes to dressing up I like it plain and simple. Once it involves mixing and matching colours then I get confused.

I am one for button-ups and khakis with a pair of loafers or whatever it is called, simply made native (getting used to wearing caps) and nice shoes to match are a delight but the grand khadi of them all for me is a pair of crisp jeans, a jersey/tee-shirt (polo tee or a round neck preferably) and sneakers (no loud colours). Oh by the way, I am not like Jay-Z who says he is too old to wear jerseys, Amma wear them till I am old and grey, till my dying day.

My least favourite outfit is a suit and tie (especially bow ties).



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