Day 317 of 365: The Famous Five


In Primary School Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven were my favourite books but I preferred The Famous Five series. I read almost all Famous Five series and I can categorically say I touched all but lost interest in some because I wasn’t feeling them.

Thank GOD they were not compulsory literature books in school. My favourite Famous Five books are; Five Go To Billycock Hill, Five Go To Smuggler’s Top, Five On Kirrin Island Again, Five On A Treasure Island and Five Are Together Again.

So the series is about 2 boys, 2 girls and a dog. Julian and Dick were the boys and were brothers then we have George who is their cousin and usually acts like a tomboy and Anne who is Julian and Dick’s sister then Timmy the dog. They are always going on adventures where they uncover crimes.

I think I would want my kids to read these books that broke into the scene in the 1940s and the author Enid Blyton has sold over 600 million copies of all books she’s written.



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