Day 316 of 365: Hitler


I went to Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) and if I am being honest it was because I didn’t want to stay at home for a further year. So I went to OOU to start a Diploma in Industrial and Labour Relations. The cousins and I were in the good hands of our older cousins who were already in their 3rd year. We got to the hall and we were introduced to other hallmates. One name kept popping up in every conversation; Hitler. Hitler was not back to school at the time, he was still enjoying his Christmas break.

Yeah, they called him Hitler because he knew the whole shebang about Adolf Hitler. Anyway, the day Hitler will arrive myself and my cousin Skurrio Lallana were not around and just as we got back Hitler was about to go out. If you see how he hugged me you would have thought we had known each other for years. He said you are the famous Dipo, finally, there is somebody he could go watch football with and have conversation on sports, entertainment and the likes . My cousins had told him a lot about me.

Hitler is a great guy, I have not seen him in a bit but he was high up there if I was going to rate the people that made my stay in OOU a memorable one.



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