Day 312 of 365: That TEXT!!!


I am not a big fan of going out late at night or staying out all night except if its a place where I know I would be spending the night. My cousins and friends always took a piss at me that I was closed to being tagged anti-social.

So December 28, 2007 I decided to indulge in an all night gig with my cousins. It must have been the first time I was pulling an all nighter since my 18th birthday. Myself, family and friends went to Lagbaja’s Motherlan’ then. Anyway this day in 2007 we went to Pablos in Ikoyi first to chill before heading to Swe Bar.

It was my birthday eve and at some point I was up dancing or at least I was acting like I could dance when my phone vibrated in my pocket. The birthday texts and calls had started rolling in. I’d missed a call by a second and just as I was about to fold the phone back to idle mode, a text dropped.

You could read the first line of the text without opening the message. You could also see the sender’s info. The sender was my mum and the line read “Wherever you are”, I didn’t see anything else and decided not to read the message. I was worried stiff, I thought I had upset my mum by going out late at night.

I felt uneasy and didnt open the text till we got home at about 4am. I opened it and found out it was a prayer, lol. It was something like “Wherever you are, I pray that the Good LORD Bless you and something something something”. I cannot remember.

Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t open it in a club.



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