Day 309 of 365: Flashback


It’s been about 3 weeks since the Ghana wedding and I remembered the morning of the wedding morning just before myself, Adey and AK decided to have our bath. AK was just like me, he uses music to get his day started. In my own case I always put a speaker in the bathroom to blast music and sometimes listen to a sermon.

AK asked what we would want to listen to and we eventually settled for Eminem. There was a song all 3 of us loved and couldn’t get enough of then and even now. It was “Say What You Say” featuring Dr. Dre. It was a Diss Track for Jermaine Dupri. I wont do justice on how sick the track was with this post so it’s best you look for it, find it and listen to it. Timbaland also had a few words to say at the end of the song.

The way we sang along to the track brought back Social Night memories of High School.



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