Day 304 of 365: The Swizz Championship hits a CLIMAX!!!


I fill fulfilled. The Swizz Championship which is a  4 Aside football tournament comprising 8 teams came to an end today amid pomp and pageantry if I say so myself. It started out as a joke over drinks one Sunday afternoon. We had just finished playing football and the plan that a tourney can happen manifested.

A knockout tournament format where once you get beat you are out was the aim over 2 weekends. I honestly didn’t take it serious when the plans were ongoing but it happened and I am proud I was part of it.

Obum FC , a very youthful side played Fithands Pro in the final. Fithands took the lead in the first half and ended the half on top but the second took an interesting turn with Obum FC equalizing and eventually sending the game to penalties after it ended 1:1 in regulation time. Obum FC unfortunately missed all 3 of their penalties as Fithands buried all their spotkicks to take the day.

A big thank you to my friends that came over to watch and support me but the biggest surprise was when my big bro walked in just to come catch the game. He presented the winners of the tourney with their winnings and also supported the tourney by donating a cash prize to the top scorer.

GOD Bless the organizers and I honestly want to work with you guys again. I can say this is a massive success and cant wait to get on with preparations for the next one.



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