Day 300 of 365: Utility Prefect


On day 289 I stated how I had a phobia for contesting elections. Before the Junior Timekeeper election in JSS 2 a few of my friends particularly Gee Law thought that I would be the Senior Prefect (SP) when the time came. I always shrugged off the notion because I just felt I wasn’t good enough even though deep down I would have loved it.

Anyway, I wasn’t interested in the SP role not after my loss at the Junior Timekeeper election. When the time was nigh, people kept asking me if I was sure and I said yes. Some even asked if there was a particular position I was interested in and the answer remained the same. Someone even went as far as saying Sports Prefect will suit me since I loved sports. Noooooo was my response.

The prefects in my set were elected in SS 1 after the 3rd Term Exams. All the interested guys and babes had picked up forms. We weren’t much in my set and some of the guys were unopposed. So on the day of the manifestos of the potential prefects, the housemaster of my hostel asked that I do something for him, I did it in a rush and in the process I didn’t do it well because I needed to be on the field for the biggest football match of that year. SS 2 Vs SS 1.

We were 3:1 down when my cousin Labimbi came to tell me that the housemaster wanted me. I froze for a bit because I thought he was livid about how I did what he asked me to do. I got to the housemaster and he immediately handed me a paper, I didn’t want to collect it and knelt down pleading thinking it was a disciplinary committee form. He shouted get up and fill the form before it was too late. I collected it without looking at the content as I had a long walk to my hostel.

I got to the hostel, looked at the form and saw that it was a prefect nomination form. I was asked to be Utility Prefect unopposed. I wasn’t interested and was wondering what happened to the guy who initially showed interest in the position. Anyway I caved in after a few of my friends convinced me.

Later that night I gave my manifesto along with the other guys. I didnt have to worry, I was going to be the Utility Prefect, UNOPPOSED. Yeah, we lost the game too with scores ending 3:1 in SS2’s favour.



  1. I can’t even remember say u wr a prefect then, I lost to another for the Labour prefect then, can’t even remember who was opposing me, but dt crowd person dey face standing on double placed tables, hmmmm, na thr coro suppose start, it was just too jampacked


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