Day 298 of 365: I give UP!!!


Manchester United was annihilated yesterday evening with a 5:0 scoreline by our (yes our) eternal rivals Liverpool. For me it was a case of sheer MORBIDITY (if this makes any sense). What made it worse was that the loss was at Manchester United’s home ground of Old Trafford.

At halftime I stepped out of the house to go meet up with friends in Ogudu. I was sporting an Aston Villa jersey and this is no disguise as people who know me well know after Manchester United, it is Aston Villa for me and if you look at it Villa too also got beat on Friday.

My neighbour’s son saw me and asked if I was a Manchester United fan. I paused thinking it was banter then I responded saying yes. He said, don’t you think we should let Ole (Man U’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer) go. He was one of us and for the first time I openly admitted that Ole should be let go. I can say I have been living in denial for a few weeks though my thoughts on firing managers is no silver bullet for success as I still think players and members of the board should also take part of the blame when a team fails.

I give up, Ole should go. Rumour has it that he might get the boot before the next league match against Tottenham Hotspur.



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