Day 290 of 365: My election PHOBIA!!!

Source: British Council

In my JSS 2, I was pushed by some of my seniors to contest for the position of Junior Time Keeper. I wasn’t interested, I was (still am to an extent) a shy guy. I had to do campaigns to be elected, yes it was that deep. You also had to prepare a manifesto, then the election proper after the manifesto of all contestants had been heard by fellow students.

Election day and I just had the feeling I was going to lose. I was up against my guy Lingo who is a Muslim and a staunch Christian, Marco Bodé. Bodé was definitely going to get the Christian votes with myself and Lingo sharing the rest of the votes.

I however don’t think I lost the election fair and square because normally names were printed on a paper and all voters had to do was just tick their preferred candidates’ names. This time you had to write out the names of those you wanted to vote for, so there was a huge possibility for voters not remember some positions let alone names and yes I can be very forgettable. Anyway that’s gone and no point crying over spilt MILK. Lol.

Bodé eventually won. I finished 2nd and from that moment I said to myself I was never going to contest for any office that would warrant an election. My gut told me I wasn’t going to win and I wished I had followed it then.



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