Day 29 of 365: About a Month Ago

Source: Docwire News

Every year I always prayed for good health, particularly on my birthday. My 10th birthday I had to go to the dentist to take a tooth out, the party was still fun afterwards. My 11th birthday I had malaria and so it was low-key. No illness afterwards till 2020. December 29th every year is my day. Maybe I didn’t remember to pray last year?

I had been down days before the birthday, Christmas Eve to be precise. I was advised to rest over the holiday as nothing was seen to be wrong with me. I got home that night and was still feeling funny. Slept off hoping to be better the next day. The timing of the illness was wrong because I had activities lined up, but hey being healthy is of the essence.

Next day, I felt worse and the day after that. I had switched my phone to silent mode because the phone call that woke me on Christmas morning sent some sort of mad headache to my head. I apologise Yemi F. I must have picked just one call all day and even the next day too. I couldn’t eat at all. Every time I got to snooze after I woke up I saw a whole lot of missed calls on my phone and I didn’t even know where to start from coupled with being weak. One call however got me worried, my cousin Labimbi called me every day up until my birthday on the 29th and I always missed his calls. Thankfully we spoke on that day in a conference call along with the guys I call Usual Suspects.

Boxing Day I went to the hospital and was told I had an infection. That was pretty good news I thought. No it wasn’t, at this point between Christmas Eve night and Boxing Day I had not eaten anything except for taking fluids. I managed to eat 2 boiled eggs and drank milo so I could use my drugs that 26th night. 27th, I still wasn’t feeling well and still couldn’t eat. I called my Doctor friend to help me get pap and some bottles of Teem. Managed to take little pap and used my drugs. That was it for the day, no food was willing to go down afterwards. I was using Teem to take drugs. 28th and still no joy. Then D-day 29th I managed to get up and go to the office. Thank GOD I made that move. I was asked to go the hospital by the Group Managing Director of Courteville Business Solutions, the company where I work. The hospital was just by the office. Long and short I was admitted on my birthday after series of tests.

I apologise to all my family, friends, colleagues and everyone that mattered to me for not picking up your calls and not responding to your messages. I know I got a lot of you worried, forgive me.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by on that day, I felt special. They brought the party to the hospital. Again sorry for getting y’all worried.

Most importantly I thank GOD for keeping me alive.

The Usual Suspects sorry for falling your hand on the day. Link Up soon when it is SAFE.

There’s a sequel to this post but I would post it when I am up to it.



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