Day 283 of 365: Google Maps


I think it was on Monday WhatsApp went down for hours and it felt like the whole world had come to an end. A couple of days later I saw a post from a lady saying imagine it was Google Maps that was down at the Apongbon area of Lagos. Honestly, when I saw that post it was Google Maps being down in Festac that came to my mind. Festac is one zone that starts always gets me confused.

So today I was heading to Surulere from Gbagada and decided to consult Google Maps for a faster route. This is something I wouldn’t do on a good day especially if it was a route I was familiar with, I just trust my instincts and move. The map led me to the 3rd Mainland Bridge and I wasn’t feeling it until it took me past the turning that led to Adekunle suggesting I linked Carter Bridge. Then network failed. MTN users would remember the network failure of yesterday, I didn’t witness it and so I thought it was my turn today. I was just going round in circles around Lagos Island until the network popped back up.

I eventually navigated through and landed at a familiar terrain which made it easy to get to my destination.



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