Day 282 of 365: No Scotland, No Party


I was not a big fan of Scottish football, as a matter of fact growing up, in Primary School in particular I got to find out through one of my brothers that there was a Scottish Premier League. I can’t forget that afternoon, he said they have beaten Dundee United, to me saying Dundee United was abusing someone. Like calling the person a dummy or silly. I didn’t know it was a football club. He explained the shebang to me. Shout out to Big Doz.

Sir Alex Ferguson, arguably football’s finest manager endeared me to the Scottish League a bit when I found out he coached Aberdeen, and he even led them to win the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup final against Real Madrid in 1983. I however became a fan of Aberdeen Football Club when I was in the City for my Master’s Degree. It is a lovely place, to be honest.

Anyway, I tend to watch or follow the Scottish National Team these days because Scott McTominay who plays club football for my beloved Manchester United is part of the set-up. The Scottish team has been doing relatively okay under Coach Steve Clarke. They qualified for Euro 2020 under his guidance after about a 20-year absence from International Tournaments. They also have a chance of making it to the 2022 World Cup holding in Qatar.

McTominay scored the winner in a 3:2 triumph over Israel this night.

Seems the saying No Scotland No Party from the song with the same title will be staging a comeback in the mouths of Scottish people. Time will tell.



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