Day 281 of 365: Honey has been added to the Grocery List


I am not a fan of hot meals and I hardly get to take a cup of tea, I don’t think I have had teabags since my Primary 6. I like coffee but will have to wait till it’s at least warm. Cold chocolate (milo et al) has always been my go to drink especially when its an English breakfast I am having. In Aberdeen I always laughed every time I go to Starbucks or Costa, before you pay for your drink it’s almost cold.

I didn’t get much sleep last night through this morning, I probably snoozed at about 3.30 am. I knew there was a possibility of me dozing off at the office. I decided to make coffee as they say you hardly get to sleep with caffeine in the system. Never worked for me. Never had, never will but decided to gamble one more time.

Coffee made and I thought of putting honey in it. I honestly still don’t understand how people add honey to tea or coffee. My padi at the office Alhaja M helped put honey in my already warm coffee and truth be told it was bliss. I think I will be getting a jar of honey when next I go grocery shopping.

Oh by the way the coffee didn’t prevent me from snoozing, chewing gum did a better job.



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