Day 274 of 365: Good day to mess about


On the 11th of September, 2021 I was chatting with a friend and a brother, Lanre Large and as the conversation was going on something just kept pricking me on an idea of a podcast. I mentioned the idea to him and his advice was Dipo just pen whatever you have in mind down as I never can tell what could come off it. I took a piece of paper and only the topics for discussion kept popping in my head.

After the convo with Large, I dropped the idea in the Naija Pundits WhatsApp group and it was accepted. If the guys from Naija Pundits could accept it then it is 50% good to go, I would just be left with execution. I wasnt going to do it alone and few of the Pundits declared interest to be on it. I had not thought about any other thing but I set an October 1st day for the pilot. I spoke to my friend who had a studio that could be used for the podcast and she set everything in motion.

Every other thing was set except for what the topics of discussion would be centred on and the final 2 or 3 people that would join me. OpeCole, Ramsey and Deo Banks were the 3 with Ehis (a colleague) promising to come and support. Ehis was also on my case to remind me and ensure I was fully prepared. Great guy. I scribbled a few things down on Wednesday and shared them with the guys.

Today came and we did our thing. I was glad it happened first of all and if you asked me it went well. I’d love to do it again and again.

It may be my first and last attempt at doing a podcast but I honestly enjoyed every bit of today.

I will share the link to the podcast as soon as editing is done. It is called Movies, Music and Sports. Big thanks to OpeCole, DeoBanks and Ramsey. Honourable mention to Oshodi, Ehis, Seun and The Black Spencer.



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