Day 265 of 365: 100 More Days


The start of today showed that we have 100 days to end this year, it means I have 100 days more to write on a daily basis. I have written 247 times (today inclusive) in the 265 days of this year. I missed the first 12 days of the year (January 1, 2021 till January 11, 2021) because I was ill (not particularly an excuse) and I didnt accept the challenge immediately it was thrown up.

I also missed 7 days in March because my website expired and I had to migrate to a new host (Hostbility is your sure plug for Hosting, just click on

I know the Ember months should be the most exciting but it can be the busiest too. Not making excuses, I trust myself to deliver. Writing is something I love to do anyway. A friend asked if I ever thought I would be this consistent on this daily writing task and without mincing words I said yes.

I pray the remaining 100 days of this year be fruitful, blissful and interesting for us.



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