Day 261 of 365: And Rame too ASKED!!!


So a lot of people are usually surprised when I tell them I was a Science student back in Secondary School, oh not that type you are thinking. I mean I was in Science class where subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Technical Drawing were on offer. Wo, I am tired of explaining jare.

After my Junior WAEC, I was placed in Arts class upon resumption and I was upset. The document or whatever that was handed to me read that I was Art oriented. I didn’t know what that meant but I think I attended classes with the Art and Commercial students for a day before I walked up to the Principal to tell him I wanted to be in Science class. I was obliged.

It was in SS 2 that I realised I should have just accepted it when the Art class option was offered to me. Physics was almost the death of me, that I had no interest all I just wanted was to pass the average mark for promotion. Big Doz also had a word of advice, just finish Secondary School with Sciences and switch lanes. I worked with that.

A couple of weeks ago someone saw a short film I wrote on YouTube and asked why did I ever think of being a Science student. I was shocked then asked why, she said if I had built my love for art long ago I probably would have been doing something in that line.

Then early this morning, someone I went to Secondary School with; my guy Rame (RahMay) buzzed me on WhatsApp and said he has been thinking and I quote him ” Abeg wetin you go find for Science class when we dey School? Cos your write-ups are always on point”. He went on to say he admired that I came up with a post every day.
<span;>I sincerely wished I had taken writing seriously earlier.



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