Day 258 of 365: My First Email Address


My first personal email, yes personal email was opened for me. It was one of my egbons Sir Greg who helped me. Before then I received emails through my brother’s mailbox. The emails received were usually from 2 people; my darling mum and my friend from Secondary School Daffy. They were both in the U.S.A.

So I approached Sir Greg one morning before he headed to campus (Unilag) to help open one and he asked which of the platforms I would love to have it opened on and also asked for a username. I told him I didn’t want the usual Yahoo or Hotmail and he mentioned College Club. I loved how it sounded and asked that it was the one I wanted. Now the challenge was a username.

I eventually settled for before later falling for Yahoo, Hotmail and now Gmail. The College Club email was opened in September, 2000. I think the email service was discontinued in 2007 or 2008.



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