Day 255 of 365: 10 Places I would love to VISIT!!!


I am not a big fan of travelling by air especially if its outside Nigeria or the trip is over an hour. It is always bore if you asked me. However, there are some cities or places I would like to tick off my bucket list.

10 of which in no particular are:

1. Chefchaouen, Morrocco

2. Beirut, Lebanon

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia (My aunt had so many good things to say about this place in particular)

4. Florence, Italy

5. Jerusalem, Israel

6. Kyoto, Japan

7. Ljubljana, Slovenia

8. Muscat, Oman

9. Quebec City, Canada

10. Valletta, Malta

No Manchester? Ticked Manchester off in 2010, when I went to watch the best football team ever play; Manchester United.



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