Day 253 of 365: I miss Motherlan’


I am not a big fan of going for all night gigs, I’d rather chill at home. This was when sleep used to find me easily not now that sleep is hard to find. It seems it has been better over the past couple of weeks, at least I was getting about 4 hours of it on a good day.

Back to the crux of the matter, my brothers, cousins and their friends usually go out on Friday nights but yours truly hardly did. The last Friday of every month was always special to them, it was Motherlan’ Friday where omoba mukomuko aka Lagbaja aka Bisade Ologunde always held his audience spell bound. Lagbaja was or is a creative monster, all his songs were a hit.

They always looked forward to the last Friday of the month, I never did because sleep was always better in my books. Things however changed on my 18th birthday. Mumsy was in Yankee then. I will talk about mumsy’s birthday tradition for her nephew and nieces sometime soon. On my 18th birthday, one of mumsy’s sisters decided to spoil me and whoever was available on the day. She asked me what I wanted and I said I would love to take my brothers, cousins and my friends to Lagbaja’s Motherlan’. She said done and gave me the money to take 25 people. It was 500 Naira per head then.

I honestly enjoyed myself on the night. It was the first time I saw Basketmouth perform and it was mad but the highlight of the night for me was when Olagbaja Omoba MukoMuko himself came to wake me up from my slumber with his saxophone blasting the tune ese, ese o, ese o e wa ma lo (thank you, thank you, thank you, come and be going).

Great day for me. One of my all time favourite days.




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