Day 251 of 365: Watch For Life


I recently started this series, For Life. As a matter of fact I am just 3 episodes of season one gone. I think I should have just studied law, maybe I would have been a fine lawyer. My aunty believed I would have been a very good one (I think she still believes). The stress is much jare.

I have however read a lot of John Grisham books  with The Partner, The Summons, The Firm, A Time to Kill, The Brethren, The Pelican Brief, The Runaway Jury, The Client, The Street Lawyer and Rainmaker topping the bill for me. Saw the movie adaptation of A Time to Kill and Pelican Brief and the series on The Firm too.

However, Suits has to be the best Law series ever made. I am a big Harvey Specter fan. I also saw a bit of Ally Mcbeal and Boston Legal but believe me when I say nothing trumps Suits be it movie, TV series or novel.

For Life is about a guy wrongly jailed for a crime he didnt commit and he managed to get himself a Law Degree whilst serving time. He represents his fellow inmates and hopefully thinks he would be able to crack the case that nailed him.

Again shout out to my guy Wemimo for the recommendation. 50 Cent has been making a lot smart moves on TV as he was one of the Executive Producers. I also heard the series was discontinued but hey its still worth the watch.




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