Day 25 of 365: Ryan Giggs, not my LEGEND!!!

Source: The Times

I have always told people Ryan Giggs has never been amongst my 10 greatest Manchester United players ever. Football buffs, its funny right? Well he isn’t, yes a good player no doubt but nah he doesn’t make the cut for me. This post stems from a conversation I had with my man Q, we were talking about Manchester United legends. Very interesting conversation but my take on Ryan Giggs was kind of a shock to him. Q is an Arsenal fan by the way.

I can pick out games where Giggs was the man and the FA Cup semi-final tie against Arsenal in 1999 easily comes to mind. He got the ball from the United half and waltzed past all Arsenal players that came his way before blasting a shot past David Seaman in goal for the Gunners. Lovely goal, I won’t lie and if you haven’t seen that goal YouTube will be of help.

Giggs easing past Arsenal’s Lee Dixon

Another game I can clearly remember was the one against West Ham in 2009 en route United’s title win in the 2008/9 season. It was a difficult game for Manchester United and Giggs stepped with a solo effort. If memory doesn’t fail me he was named Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA) Player of the year that season.

As for making an impact in a United game I will rank Paul Scholes, David Beckham and even Phil Neville whom they broke into the first team together ahead of him.

Again Giggs is a legend for the club but I would have mentioned 10 Manchester United players or more before he gets a shout. His claim to fame for me is his longevity in the game.

I dont think up to 4 people in this world will agree with my assertion on Ryan Giggs but hey I am entitled to my opinion I guess.

Maybe I will reel out the 10 Manchester United players that I consider legends ahead of Giggs one of these days.





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