Day 242 of 365: The day Arsenal Fans Annoyed Me (1 of Many Days)

Source: Offside Sports Photography

It was a Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, I was in class but my mind was on the Champions League 2nd leg semi-final game between Deportivo La Coruna of Spain and Portuguese side FC Porto. The first leg had ended 0:0 in Porto. Class was to wrap up at 6pm and the game was to kick off 7.45pm. I had buzzed one of my female gees to make me dinner and that I needed it had to be ready for 6pm, Shout out to Boom Boom. Got to town from Campus at about 6.23pm headed to my friend’s hall, had dinner headed home to drop my lecture notes before crossing to the other side of my hall where there was a viewing center.

I settled down for the game to start only for the owner of the viewing center to come out and say he would not be showing the Champions League match anymore. He was going to show a rescheduled Premier League match between Arsenal and Portsmouth. I mean how do you prioritize a freaking League Match over a Champions League semi-final tie? I was pissed. Arsenal fans around were cheering the guy on. I didn’t blame them, how will they watch a tourney they have never won. I had to go catch the game else where. It ended 1:0 in Porto’s favour which was a passage to the final for the Portuguese side. Porto eventually won the Champions League that year beating Monaco 3:0 in the final.

Arsenal’s game with Portsmouth ended 1:1, yeah it was their unbeaten season, congrats to them again. It wasn’t that they earned two trophies for that success. I didn’t know when I told my Arsenal friends their team will not win the Champions League in a long time. It has been how many years now? 17. Nonsense.




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